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Come and get from us the best quality Mushrooms and their by-products... 

An Introduction

Mushroom is a fruiting body of fungus, it is fleshy and a good source of food, produced above the ground level. It has stem, caps and gills under it, all are consumed by people across the world owing to their excellent nutritional benefits. They have 92% water and rich content of protein, vitamin B and many such health treasures. Knowing the consistent demands of mushroom pickle, mushroom powder, mushroom chocalate and its by products across the market, Mrs. Anuradha Avinash Kondejkar started doing business of it, by forming a company- Anvi Mushrooms. The solely owned company works with the aim to fulfill requirement of every customer by providing quality varieties of mushroom pickle, mushroom powder, mushroom chocalate. From Indians to Chinese, Japanese and Korean, a large number of tempting cuisines are prepared from the quality mushroom pickle, mushroom powder, mushroom chocalate that we supply as a manufacturer. We are engaged in organic production of Oyester Mushroom which is very high in proteins, vitamin B, anti oxidants. Our mentor gets support of a dynamic team, which shares the passion of founder and delivers the best produce. Oyster Mushroom, Sajor Caju, Spawn, Organic Oyster Mushroom, Dry Oyster Mushroom and Mushroom Powder are some of the most popular offerings of our company. Further, mushrooms are highly perishable in nature, their careful packaging is very important, knowing this, we pack our mushroom and their by-product varieties.

Mushrooms Market Assessment

An excellent substitute of eggs & meat and one of the favorite vegetarian delicacy, mushroom after being well accepted in developed countries is now making its place in hearts and plates of people of developing nations as well. High demand of this fungus product across the world is whooping its market, pickles, soups, curries, starter items to being used for food garnishing, mushrooms are used for making many dishes. Though mushrooms have less shelf life but to fulfill its consumption demands of the world, these are being sold after preserving and packing them in quality polythene/ canning. It was first formed in foreign nations but now it has a strong market in India, a large number of high rated Hotels and Restaurant chains prefer to keep few items of mushroom in their food menu to please their guests.

Facilities We Own- Our Backbone

After getting nature's blessing; mushroom from our farms, we pass them through some stages so that they become absolutely safe for consumption. The procured entire batch is firstly washed in cold and then hot water to clean them. After this, peeling of dirty layer is done and quality degraded stems are removed from them. Abiding quality norms defined by food safety standard bodies, quality tests are consumed and only those batch are packed that qualify the conducted tests. The company has maintained sterilizers, cutters, grinders and several processing equipment that help in doing processing and post-processing tasks with efficiency. Following are some of the cells in which our business tasks are performed:
  • Processing Cell- A place where mushrooms are cleaned, processed and made perfect to be used for consumption.
  • Quality Checking Cell- Clients want quality and this cell, which is handled by educated quality checkers help us deliver the best to them.
  • Packaging Cell- Mushrooms have less shelf life, their packing highly affects their life. Hence, we do the best packing which retains its quality & life for a relatively longer time.
  • Storage Cell- Our offerings be it Oyster Mushroom or its Powder, requires some temperature conditions to be stored in, knowing this, our storage cell is built, maintaining several facilities.

Most Popular Products
Plot No.1357, Kasarwadi, Dervan, Tal Chiplun, Near Walawalkar Hospital, Chiplun - 415606, Maharashtra, India
Ms. Amruta Kondejkar (Co-Founder)
Mobile :+919167102180
Mrs. Anuradha Avinash Kondejkar (Proprietor)
Mobile :+919167102180
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